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breathe away

I see that you're back to your usual self.

What happened that moment...I guess you did that because you took pity on me. It doesn't matter though. I'll always remember that night. I'll never forget the feel of your arms wrapped around mine.

I guess I should let you go now.

No matter who you end up with, I'll always be thankful. At least now I know how it feels to be cared for, even for just a moment.

Thank you.


I can't.

I can't develop feelings for you.

Anime --> K-pop --> Football

 How long has it been since I last posted something OTHER than a comment? A month? Two? Three? 

*sigh* I really can't even remember myself. All I know is that it's several months long enough that my fandom priorities have shifted. Anime. K-pop...

...and football. (heck yeah~)

From watching weekly episodes to simply reading latest uploaded chapters of three titles in mangastream,  my indulgence for anime has been pushed to the far into the corner of my fan-spazzing to-do list. And with the crashing of Luna (ohnoz...I hope the site gets taken cared of soon...I'm missing all those fanfics already! ㅠㅠ), well...it has become nearly non-existent O____O!, with the exception of spazzes for the Vongola, Varia, and Germany (Hetalia). Whoa...anime has been my fandom since 4th grade. Even now, I can't believe I'm saying this!

Doitsu! Fear not, for you are still part of my fandom! (Your national football team too~)
Vongola + Varia. I still read KHR! This remains to me one of my top choices in
fanfiction too♥ 
Heeey...Hibari's looking hot on this one~ :3 (so does Yamamoto, and Ryohei, and
Gokudera...~~ nice hairdo, Reborn!^^)

Then there's K-pop. A friend introduced me to the wonders of the hallyu wave by showing me TVXQ's Rising sun. The MV caught my attention, and several others had me hooked. From TVXQ I've moved on to Super Junior (my longest running K-fandom), with splinters and sizzles of SS501, FT Island, Epik High, Big Bang and just this March, SHINee. I still watch and download MVs, some clips and shows...but I can see that my interest has wanned. Well, spazzing with fellow fans at school and online has at least kept the fire burning, but not as same as before. Just when it's gaining popularity here too.
my first hallyu fandom 
My longest K-fandom. (I miss them like this...together and THIRTEEN!)
I attended Super Show 2! :D (I miss Kibum..ㅠㅠ)
Henry = violin = suave dancing = ♥!
SHINee! Minho's best hair is during the duration of this album~
Their latest. What did you do to your hair, Key??!

And now, football. I've watched my first World Cup last 2002, I became 'slightly' interested in 2006, and now, two months after FIFA 2010 ended, I'm HOOKED! I favorited Mannschaft pics (and pages) on Facebook, spammed my Twitter with Mannschaft, La Roja, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, and Cesc Fabregas and started downloading highlights from my favorite games and ads from my favorite players! I falling in love with Nutella and it's Werbung ads (alasfdjhlasdfh.flas! Neuer.), Prinzrolle and Poldi ("....für einen Podolski? Vergiss es."), Nike and Cesc (plus The Cesc Fabregas Show. CESC! c;kshfshdflSHDLFHlksjh! spazzspazzspazzspazzspazz)...well, you get it. And since it's football season (Bundesliga, La Liga, Barclay's Premiere League, and UEFA), majority of my time online has been dedicated to watching highlights, spamming my laptop with the pictures of the players themselves, and looking for a decent website that streams live football matches FOR FREE (if someone knows a site, tell me!). 

Oh goodness. I'm definitely football minded now. 

Mannschaft's starter line up! (Captain Lahm would always be the shortest..adorable~♥)

Congratulations on winning third! You'll always be number one in my ♥
Cesc Fabregas. The reason why I forgave La Roja for scoring against
El Niño. Liverpool's posterboy. Also La Roja's striker.
Cesc on winning the World Cup. Be proud! You're one of the key elements to that victory! :D

...and moar Cesc. 'Cause he's ♥. He made me into an Arsenal fan. :3

I'm football-crazy now. Crazy over the game...and the players~♡ -w-

The pictures aren't mine btw. They belong to their respective owners and posters (the ones who posted this pic on the net). I wish Cesc would belong to me though~ Is that too much to ask?

Hangovers: Super Junior Super Show 2


Just three  words: I WAS THERE! >w<

OMGOMGOh-Em-GEE! *spazzspazzspazzspazz*Even now, almost 24 hours after the show ended, I still can't believe I was able to see Super Junior LIVE! Omo! Omo! Omooooooo!! Those four hours of waiting in line was WELL worth it! That and the near-ramble caused by ELF members with no manners. >.>

If SuJu were hot on screen, they're positively BURNING up close. Even the youngest and some 2 members that I thought "just wasn't THAT handsome" took my breath away! Kyuhyun looked all grown-up already...and he has BICEPS! *spazz* Yesung too! (I didn't really take notice of him before) Isn't he hot and manly in that gangsta avp with Siwon~) Owo The only one who doesn't have THE muscles is Ryeowook who, in my opinion, was sort-of gay looked pretty manly up close. I even wanted to throw a water bottle to that girl he danced with! There's not one of them I saw live who I dislike now. :3

HENRY!! I think my heart stopped for a second when I saw him appear on stage donning his violin. I can't help but scream his name whenever he appears, I was going wild when he performed his solo violin during SuJu's Don't Don performance, and I think I almost fainted when he sang a whole song SOLO! Omoooo!! >w< I used to like Henry because he's cute...but the Henry I saw onstage was a MAN. Henry-sii! Saranghae!!

SIWON! He stole my poor palpitating heart the first moment he appeared on stage...right down to the part where flashed his god-like bod (we all went crazy during that one)...and especially that part where he sang Who Am I (Casting Crowns)! That was a Christian song, and the way he sang it was AMAZING. It made the hairs at the back of my neck stand up and eyes tear up. The rest of the members who had the same religion as he does sang with him in the end. It was so heart-warming that it drove me to tears. :'] He dedicated the song, and all his successes to God. For me, that was the best part of the whole concert. :) I love Siwon even more now~

They say SuJu will be back on the Phils on their next Super Show - I'll make sure to get the more expensive ticket next time! It's well worth it! X3

...aaand in conclusion, my SuJu fandom is BACK! Fear not SHINee! I wouldn't be setting you aside~ 

Para Exams and Shin Prince of Tennis

 Aaaaaaaaaaand my Para is officially over! (assuming that I wouldn't have to take the removals...well, I HOPE I wouldn't have to take the removals). CELEBRATION IS IN ORDER! xDD *runs around blowing the noisemaker*

Well anyways...the latest Shin Prince of Tennis chapter has finally been released! DOUBLE CELEBRATION! I went from being anxious (where the heck are the chapters from Bleach, Naruto and Reborn! dang it!) to fan-spazzing the drool-worthy pictures of:

Shiraishi (and Ryoma and Atobe and Yukimura):

Irie Kanata (the brunette with glasses)

I never believed I would spazz on a high school member until I saw him~ >w<
A nerd and a superb tennis player. KYAAA! *spazzspazzspazz*

Irie-kun with more!Atobe

...Irie-kun kinda resembles Reborn!'s Shouchi Irie-kun too~! Both of them wear glasses. Keke~ ^^ 

Morning tea!Atobe

More!Shiraishi and Tachibana


I spazzed out on seeing this one. LOOK AT THOSE BICEPS! :3~

And the rest of them:

It's Seigaku Captain vs ex-Captain with Tezuka and Yamato! The Akaya-Shiraishi pairing kinda leaves me wondering...the Bible and the Devil? O___o  

The General is ATOBE! He'll be up against Irie too! I. cant. WAIT! >w<

...it's too bad I have to wait for two more months before I get to read the next though...T__T




Kuroshitsuji! :D

 Late this afternoon, in the midst of a failed attempt on Nutri reports, my uberly random mind suddenly had this urge to search for the picture of the actor who played the uberly cute, handsome and hot (must...stop...too...young... *strugglestruggleFAILEDstruggle*) Ciel Phantomhive. I though his role is going to be played by Ruito Aoyagi, who played the uberly short and bouncy Mukahi Gakuto in Tenimyu. We~ell, as it turns out, I was wrong. Shougo Sakamoto, who was well known for his role and the third? Echizen Ryoma in Tenimyu, got casted as Ciel.

I sense a thread here, I see the same actors in the musicals --> Takashi Nagayama, Tuti are in PoT and Bleach, Shirota Yuu in Sailor Moon (YES, there was a Sailor Moon musical) and PoT, Kamakari Kenta and KENN in PoT and Air Gear...now it's Shougo. Not that I mind though.. he seems to look like Ciel well enough. :3


Sebastian Michaels, of course, was played by Yuya Matsushita - who I initially confused for Run&Gun's Yuya Miyashita. He's not bad either. Though, he's not as hot as the Sebastian in the manga. His...uh...dance? gestures? look kinda strange and not-so-Sebastian. He has a good voice though (Yuya is a singer afterall), but even the lines are funny! I was stifling my laughter the whole time I was watching him sing. Can you imagine THE Sebastian Michaels singing some lines like:
When can I expect the weeding to be finished?~~
Someone broke our collection of Rosenthal chinaaaa~~~~

...then I read the manga. It turns out that Sebastian really is one hot HELL of a butler...who becomes a bodyguard armed with a silver tray, forks and bread knives. Kekeke~

...I REALLY, REALLY must get back to Nutri now. >.>

My Ideal SHINee boyfriend

got this from http://www.shineee.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16828&pid=2920264&mode=threaded&start=100#entry2920264

1. When you suddenly talk in a nasal voice.
Onew - Surprised, so he just stares and smiles
Jonghyun - Stares for a while, and then grins all of a sudden
Kibum - Imitates you and laughs
Minho - Gets rid of his flaming charisma and just smiles at you
Taemin - Says "Hehe.. Nuna you're funny..." and laughs

2. When you ask them to entertain you because you're bored.
Onew - Says he'll go shopping with you
Jonghyun - Brings his mp3 over, listens to it with you and falls asleep while listening
Kibum - Tickles you and plays with you
Minho - Silently brings two Nintendo DS and plays with you
Taemin - Says he'll take you to a PC room or an arcade

3. When some thugs gang up on you
Onew - Pushes you away and gets beat up in your place
Jonghyun - Runs over and beats them up for you
Kibum - Calls all the sunbae he knows
Minho - Shoots his flaming charisma on them so they run away
Taemin - Calls the police

4. When he goes to the army
Onew - Tells you that you're forbidden to look at any other guys until he comes back
Jonghyun - Says "This oppa will come back much cooler"
Kibum - Chatters on and on for the last time
Minho - Says one thing. "I'll come back..."
Taemin - Says "You trust me right? I'll be back soon."

5. When he's back from the army
Onew - Suddenly comes up behind you, hugs you and says "Did you wait long?"
Jonghyun - Hugs you, tells you he missed you and also says "How am I? Isn't oppa cooler?"
Kibum - Smiles widely and says "Did you wait a long time?"
Minho - Gets rid of his flaming charisma, smiles and hugs you while saying "I missed you"
Taemin - Flies over and hugs you and says "I'm finally back!"

6. When you confess your love to him
Onew - Listens quietly and then hugs you
Jonghyun - Confesses together with you
Kibum - Thanks you and gives you a present
Minho - Takes you somewhere else and confesses his love.
Taemin - Says he's going to confess, too

7. When you're crying in front of your house
Onew - Holds you and comforts you
Jonghyun - Comforts you, and then watches you go into the house
Kibum - Takes you to his house and comforts you there
Minho - Hugs you until you stop crying
Taemin - Stays still and then cautiously talks to you

8. When you doze off on the bus
Onew - Falls asleep first and leans on you
Jonghyun - Falls asleep together with you, wakes up suddenly and puts his jacket over you
Kibum - Watches you quietly
Minho - Sits you on his lap
Taemin - Wakes you up and tells you to sleep at home

9. After your date, when you go home
Onew - Asks "Do you want me to take you home?"
Jonghyun - Says "Let's go" and nothing else and takes you home
Kibum - Says "Is your house big? Did you clean your room?" and nags you all the way until your house
Minho - Says nothing and takes you home
Taemin - Says "Nuna, I'm scared! I'll call you so go home by yourself!" and goes home by himself

10. When you say you're cold
Onew - Takes his coat off for you
Jonghyun - Buys you a windbreaker
Kibum - Takes you into a warm coffee shop and buys you coffee
Minho - Puts his coat around both of you
Taemin - Says he's cold and asks you to take off your coat for him

11. When you say you're exhausted
Onew - Asks you if you're okay and pats your back
Jonghyun - Tells you to cry if you're exhausted
Kibum - Asks what happened
Minho - Holds you
Taemin - Suddenly turns into Power Taemin and holds you tightly

12. When you're walking together
Onew - Holds your hand tightly
Jonghyun - Says "You're really pretty from the side..." and keeps staring at you
Kibum - Keeps chattering
Minho - Stares at you with his flaming charisma
Taemin - Acts cute and talks with you

13. When you say there's something in your eye
Onew - Blows on your eye
Jonghyun - Says "Stop joking" but blows on your eye anyway
Kibum - Hits the back of your head until you cry
Minho - Melts the dust with his flaming charisma
Taemin - Says "I think there's something in my eye too~" and has you blow on his eye

14. When SHINee comes over when you're coming out of school
Onew - Asks if you're hungry and buys you food
Jonghyun - Suddenly holds your hand and walks together
Kibum - Packs lunch for you and feeds you
Minho - Shoots flaming charisma while he walks over
Taemin - Holds your hand and says "did you miss oppa?"

15. When you say you want this and that
Onew - Buys for you without hesitation
Jonghyun - Says "No! I don't have money~" and buys something slightly cheaper
Kibum - Says "Save money!" but buys it the next day and leaves it front of your house
Minho - Glares at you with his flaming charisma
Taemin - Says "Oppa doesn't have money~" and begs you to buy it for him

16. When you ignore all his calls and texts for a day
Onew - Has texted you 50 times and called you 50 times
Jonghyun - Has texted you 20 times and called you 60 times and then ran over to your house
Kibum - Has texted you 3 times, called you 20 times and ran over to your house
Minho - Has texted you 20 times, called you 100 times and then consistently asks you the next day what you did the day before
Taemin - Has texted you 2 times, called you 3 times and then comes over and cries, asking why you ignored him

17. When you cry
Onew - Holds you and comforts you
Jonghyun - Suddenly becomes serious, pats your back and says, "Don't cry..."
Kibum - Says "Aigoo, my baby, don't cry"
Minho - Says scarily, "Who made you cry"
Taemin - Cries with you, saying, "Nuna, why are you crying?"

18. When you're laughing crazily because of something really funny
Onew - Shocked, says "Ba..baby..."
Jonghyun - Laughs crazily AT you
Kibum - Scolds you, saying, "A girl shouldn't laugh like that"
Minho - Says nothing and makes you feel awkward
Taemin - Laughs crazily WITH you

19. When you gift him with a sweater you've made yourself
Onew - Extremely touched, says "Wow... Baby, thanks..."
Jonghyun - Complains that it looks weird, but wears it extremely often
Kibum - Confused, says, "Huh, I never taught you stuff like this"
Minho - Only says "thanks"
Taemin - Acts cute to show his gratitude

20. When you kiss him on the cheek
Onew - Blushes brightly but kisses you
Jonghyun - Says, "You started it" and kisses you deeply
Kibum - Gets shocked and says, "Oh my god, what're you doing"
Minho - Clears his throat and makes the situation awkward
Taemin - Sprouts nosebleed

21. When you're with him at a swimming pool in a bikini and guys stare at you
Onew - Puts a towel over you silently
Jonghyun - Curses everyone out silently
Kibum - Starts scolding you, "What were you thinking?!"
Minho - Scares everyone with his flaming charisma so no one can stare.
Taemin - Says "Nuna, I don't like sexy women" and makes you go change

22. When you call suddenly really late at night
Onew - Woke up because of your call and is sleepy, but says he wasn't sleeping and stays on the phone with you
Jonghyun - Says "who told you to call this late" but sings you a sweet lullaby
Kibum - Nags you about waking up because of you, but all of a sudden you realize he's been talking more than you have
Minho - Worries about you because you aren't asleep yet
Taemin - Is very honest and tells you he's sleepy and is going to go to sleep

23. During the finals week, when you've studied at school until really late and call him to take you home
Onew - Asks you where you are, runs over as fast as he can and brings hot cocoa with him
Jonghyun - Tells you that he's too tired and it's too much work, so you're walking home alone upset, but suddenly appears and wraps his arm around you to surprise you
Kibum - Says "Since when do you study?" but also says "Don't go anywhere"
Minho - Before you call him, he calls you to ask if you want to get picked up
Taemin - Comes over in his mom's car to give you a ride

24. When you show up wearing a really short skirt
Onew - Clears his throat because he doesn't know where to keep his gaze
Jonghyun - Says "Sheesh... I don't know what to do with you.." and takes off his jacket to tie it around your front and walks closely behind you
Kibum - Hits you and says he won't hang out with you if you dress like this again
Minho - Doesn't say anything, but every time a guy stares at you glares at them with his flaming charisma
Taemin - Very honestly says, "Wow, your legs are really pretty, nuna"

25. When you're in pain in because of really high heels
Onew - Suddenly takes you to a bench, sits you down and gives you a foot massage
Jonghyun - Goes into a store, buys a pair of cheap slippers for himself and gives you his sneakers
Kibum - Nags you about it, suddenly gives you a piggy back ride, but doesn't stop nagging
Minho - Stares at you for a while with his flaming charisma, then kneels down and tells you "Get on"
Taemin - Doesn't know what to do because you're hurting

26. When you say, "Let's break up"
Onew - Says nothing except "Good bye" and then when you turn your back smiles sadly and cries
Jonghyun - Says "Let me hold you for the last time" and then lets you go, but cries his eyes out when you're gone
Kibum - Suddenly stops joking around and asks you if you're joking and says he won't let you go
Minho - Stares at you, and when you turn around takes your arm and tells you not to go
Taemin - Whines, asks why and says no like a child

27. After you've broken up
Onew - Makes sure you don't know, but visits the front of your house and stares at your window
Jonghyun - Calls you when he's drunk and cries his heart out
Kibum - Texts you things like "You really aren't going to see me?" "I miss you" "I can't let you go"
Minho - Calls anonymously and hangs up after he hears your voice
Taemin - Cries because he doesn't know what to do after the first person that he fell in love with dumped him

Wow...Jonghyun took up the majority of my votes! This is one side of Jjong I've never seen before!


i adopted a pet today~! ^^

He's still a baby though...feed him please~!

Feed Me!

Adopted from Valenth


a storm for a storm

THE STORM CANCELLED OUR CLASSES TODAY!! ^0^ Not to mention that it's also our favorite storm guardian's birthday too!


*runs around the room blowing a noisemaker*